Breastfeeding pillow: how to use it and the benefits

Breastfeeding is a very intimate moment between mother and child and offers both physical and emotional benefits. To make the process easier and more comfortable, the mother can resort to some methods, such as preparing in advance to breastfeed , and resources, such as a breastfeeding pillow . Check out in the article how to use and what are the benefits of this object.

How to use the breastfeeding pillow

The cushion is C-shaped and can be used in a variety of ways. Check out:

  • For breastfeeding: this is the main function of the pillow. The accessory can be placed in front of the mother’s body or on the side to support the baby.
  • To support the baby after breastfeeding: the pillow can be used as a nest to support the little one on his back after breastfeeding. The shape of the accessory allows the baby to lie down at an angle, preventing reflux.
  • To strengthen the musculature : when the baby is firmer it is important to stimulate the development of the musculature. In this way, it is recommended to leave the child face down for some periods during the day , and the pillow can be an ally in this process. In addition, the item also serves as a support in the learning process to stay seated.

Breastfeeding pillow benefits

Learn about the benefits of using the pillow while breastfeeding.

  • First months: the pillow is excellent in the first months of the newborn’s life because it helps the mother to position the little one in a comfortable and safe way.
  • Facilitates latching: the correct way for the baby to suckle is to grab the entire areola in order to be able to suck the milk correctly. The pillow can help in this regard, because if the child’s position is correct, the handle will be done more easily .
  • Comfort for the mother: When breastfeeding, the mother can be tired and uncomfortable holding the baby for a long time. With the use of the pillow, this situation can be avoided, as the baby is supported by the accessory.

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