How important is an SEO agency in your business?

Nowadays, SEO-optimized websites are essential for a company to reach its audience on the internet and improve organic traffic to its pages. But how can this be done? The first step is to hire an agency specialized in this type of service, to guide and produce quality content focused on SEO.

What is SEO?

First of all, we need to conceptualize SEO, a term that is gaining more and more space when it comes to digital marketing. In 1998, with the emergence of Google, a new era on the internet began, with advanced techniques for tracking, indexing and ranking links from search engines. In parallel to this, knowledge about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) was being improved. That is, more and more people understood about optimization for search engines.

Tracking: in a few seconds, the Google robot makes a survey of the most relevant sites for the user’s search and sends this index to the tool.

Indexing: here, Googlebot processes and registers the pages that were crawled in the previous step and analyzes their main information, such as title, description and contents, in addition to structured data.

Ranking: now, the bot performs a search in the index to find the pages that best match the search performed by the user and lists its answers in an order of relevance determined by the algorithm.

The idea, then, was to develop new techniques to improve the performance of sites with the algorithm of search engines, especially Google. Thus, it became possible to work so that the sites appeared in the first positions on the results page.

In short: SEO is the optimization of certain content on the internet so that it is found more easily by search engines. The most used today are Google, Bing and Yahoo.

By doing a good job with an SEO agency, it is possible to increase the visibility of a website and, therefore, improve its organic traffic. For this purpose, specific SEO techniques are used, such as creating a blog , studying keywords, producing quality content, backlinks and the visitor’s experience.

Currently, we can consider SEO as one of the most important and efficient digital marketing strategies to improve the performance of a brand on the internet.

What is an SEO agency?

Unlike a traditional marketing agency, an SEO agency offers search engine optimization (SEO) services to help companies improve their website’s visibility and ranking in search results on Google and other search engines.

In order to achieve the desired results, SEO agencies use various techniques to improve the position of websites in search results. This includes, for example, keyword analysis, SEO-optimized content creation, link building, technical site optimization, competitor analysis, and much more.

As you can see, the goal of the SEO agency is to increase organic traffic on all search engines, including Google and Bing. By hiring her, the client can then observe an increase in visits, as well as an improvement in the quality of traffic. As a result, SEO work generates an increase in conversions and a positive long-term ROI (return on investment).

The great challenge for an agency specialized in SEO is to build a bridge between the organic audience, which uses search engines every day, and the website of its clients. For this, the best content techniques are used – including those recommended by Google. The work is carried out by a content production team that is attentive to the user’s purchase journey, knowing how to guide him through each stage.

The SEO agency has qualified professionals for optimizing websites, including SEO analysts and content producers, thinking about the relevance of the material developed

SEO best practices

An SEO agency bases its work on the principles of Google itself. After all, it is from good practices that the desired results are achieved. They consist of a set of techniques with the aim of improving the positioning of the site on the Google results page and other search engines. Among the most relevant good practices are:

Key words

It’s important to do keyword research to determine the terms most relevant to the topic you want to work on. They must be related to the products and services offered by the company and must appear in the title of the text, in addition to descriptions and in the content covered.

meta description

Meta descriptions are essential to ensure good Google positioning. In particular, they need to be attractive and inform about the content that will be addressed in the text. They work as a decoy to attract the user’s attention on the results page and make him click on the site.

friendly url

The URL is the address of the website or page in question and needs to be friendly, that is, contain relevant keywords to improve positioning in search results.

optimized titles

Titles need to contain the most important keywords for the content and must be optimized to be understood by search engines.

relevant content

In SEO, content relevancy is essential to improve page positioning. Therefore, the contents must be authorial and contain useful information for the public. Throughout the text, keywords must be addressed, remembering to insert links and images to improve the score.

Content update

Do not think that after publishing the content will be untouchable. On the internet, publications have a long shelf life and SEO techniques allow you to regularly evaluate page performance and update content to always keep it optimized.

User experience

Finally, there is no point in paying attention to all the above good SEO practices and forgetting about the user experience. After all, it is important that he is attracted to the page and finds it easy to navigate, which will improve the site’s ranking. Google considers the user experience on a website, evaluating loading time and even the presence of broken links. The website design should also be responsive and mobile friendly .

Why hire an SEO agency?

It is important to remember that all these details are essential for the performance of the site with the search engines. However, it is not the client’s obligation to know how to optimize the site to improve positioning on the results pages. It is at this point that the importance of an SEO agency comes in , which will work to optimize the content and improve its visibility on the internet.

To carry out this meticulous work, the specialized agency has qualified professionals in each of the most relevant areas for an optimized website. That is, the team of an SEO agency is made up of designers, analysts, content producers and other professionals who focus their activities exclusively on creating strategies for websites with maximum performance.

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